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A tutorial on the player dashboard can be found here !

Players can post their Scout Central profile 'shareable link' to social media bio's, emails, text messages, ect! That link will show the player's profile without the viewer needing a Scout Central account. Players can send their link to whoever they want!

Teams can search by player name, birth year, or player tags; or by any combination of the three!

Tags allow players to add searchable tags to their profile. Tag your upcoming tryout camp or showcase event so teams can know where you will be before they walk into the rink and get the “player list” from the event. Teams can now do preliminary homework and can plan their scouting trip accordingly to make it a point of seeing you play! Other examples of tags are "left shot", "Defenseman", "6'3", “Jr A Free Agent”, “NCAA Uncommitted” “OHL Draft Pick”, “Player of the Month”. Tag anything you feel is relevant!

Scout Central is made available to organizations from the NHL down to youth hockey.

Profiles can be built out as much as you would like, however, only with the necessary scouting information.. If you wish, You may add game video, training video, pictures, scouting reports from coaches and skills coaches, fitness testing reports from strength and conditioning coaches and more!

Easy! Building a profile is super simple. Every aspect is user friendly. It’s no different than what you probably already do on a daily basis!

No. Scout Central does not perform advisory services. If you currently work with an agent/advisor, you may build the agent/advisor into your profile. You will want to share the link to your profile with your agent/advisor as your profile will help them with their services towards you as well. 

No. Results are shown to teams based on what the teams are searching for. There is one “level” of membership.